> History


The Mercenary International Corporation™ was founded in Paris and New York in January 2008 by Emmanuel Goldstein, its current president.  The MICproposes an innovative approach to security, offering a calculated response for every situation.
Building on its success, the MIC™ opened an office in Riyad in June 2008 and London in October 2008, and will open offices in Zurich and Moscow in 2009.




> President's Message


« The Mercenary International Corporation™ is not merely a simple society of private security. 
I decided to create this society as a result of studies that I was able to carry out directly inside the guerilla forces of movements such as the FARC and various Islamic groups.  Bolstered by my experiences, I offer you a response unique in its genre, studied and supported by distinguished specialists in fields as diverse as armament, architecture, urbanism, law, finance, and communication. The MIC™ has been tested with success in numerous high-risk zones, principally in Parisian suburbs in areas that have been long deserted by the police, but also in Columbia and in ghettos of the USA. 
Today, many public and private organizations call on us, including Radio France, Ouest Lumière, La Villette, FIAC, and the cities of New York and Paris and many private individual.
Because your security and that of your loved ones has no price, don’t wait! Trust us with your security. 
Entrust your security to professionals. »   

Emmanuel Goldstein
President-Founder of the MIC™